During New York Tech Week, The Vertical, a leading publication dedicated to immigrant entrepreneurs, hosted the “Sales & Exits” panel discussion at Civic Hall, the premier entrepreneurial skill-building hub in the U.S. The event drew over 200 attendees, including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and prominent figures in the venture ecosystem, providing a prime networking opportunity with key industry leaders.

The panel boasted an impressive roster of speakers who shared their personal stories and provided actionable insights:

  • Chris Brown from NVIDIA’s Inception ecosystem team discussed the critical role of AI in supporting startups from the ground up.
  • Tomer Morad, serial entrepreneur and founder of Concertio, now a part of Synopsys, recounted his journey through the startup phase to the successful sale of his AI performance software company.
  • Vlada Lotkina, the Ukrainian-American CEO who developed ClassTag into a successful SaaS platform, shared strategies for scaling and exiting in the tech space.
  • Kalyan Gautham, who transitioned from founding WATT, a community platform for walks and marathons, to leading xPub, a Gen AI platform that accelerates B2B sales cycles, offered insights into digital transformation and community engagement.
  • Feargal O’Sullivan, CEO of USAM Group, highlighted how experienced sales advisors can help startups navigate complex markets and scale effectively.

Sponsors for the event included Civic Hall, USAM Group, and Draper Startup House, each supporting the growth and success of tech entrepreneurs.

Victoria Zavyalova, The Vertical’s publisher, noted the challenging market conditions where many startups are bootstrapping and VCs are raising their standards. She highlighted that understanding the sales landscape and pathways to successful exits is essential for today’s entrepreneurs.

The “Sales & Exits” panel not only facilitated a rich exchange of ideas but also celebrated the achievements and resilience of immigrant founders who are making significant contributions to the tech industry. This event stands as a testament to The Vertical’s commitment to empowering immigrant entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary for success.

Photo Credit: Richard Y Goodman