As of February 7, 2024, MEXC crypto exchange has successfully listed the PKT cryptocurrency. PKT is a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) project and the world’s only permissionless, layer-1 blockchain for internet access.

The PKT blockchain mainnet launched in August 2019. Its purpose is to economically incentivize people to build and scale open internet access worldwide. 

The PKT Network provides valuable services for Internet users, website operators and e-commerce businesses. This includes open internet access through wifi access points, support for creating censorship-resistant websites, and facilitates peer-to-peer digital payments without the need for intermediaries or centralized payment processors. 

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange consistently positioned in the top 15 of centralized exchanges. It has recently been ranked in the top 5 ranking on with daily trading volume average of 2 billion USD.

The innovation of the PKT Network is in its sovereignty and censorship-resistance. The PKT Network is powered by an underlying, peer-to-peer, mesh networking protocol called cjdns. When a cjdns connects to another node, they gain access to the entire network. Additionally, content hosted in the PKT Network can be reached from all internet web browsers using a reverse VPN.

Whereas traditional networks are powered by centralized corporations and internet service providers (ISPs), the PKT Network is powered by the people. This helps easily extend internet access into urban and rural communities worldwide. Additionally, PKT Network enables websites to be built in the decentralized web. Soon websites built in the PKT Network can process payments to a web URL as a payment address. This will enable website operators to process transactions without requiring an intermediary payment processor.

Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, PKT adheres to the principles of decentralization. The PKT cryptocurrency is a true, proof-of-work (PoW) mined coin that was launched as a fair mine. There was no ICO, no token-generation-event, no investors, no company, no founders and no central infrastructure. 

The PKT codebase is a clone of Bitcoin’s btcd codebase, but it uses a unique bandwidth-hard proof of work called PacketCrypt. PacketCrypt is a mining algorithm which pays miners worldwide every minute for providing internet infrastructure to power the PKT Network. This ensures the PKT Network and the blockchain are permissionless and don’t rely on centralized infrastructure or governance.

The PKT listing on MEXC is an important milestone in the project’s progress. This helps the PKT ecosystem gain recognition, improves visibility for network scaling opportunities, and builds support for open internet access worldwide.

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