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LABS Group, the frontrunner in blockchain-based real estate investment, is delighted to announce the successful distribution of dividends to early investors of the Kunang Kunang Tent Resort project based in Indonesia. This significant accomplishment underpins LABS Group’s commitment to rewarding its community members and cementing trust in the burgeoning world of decentralized real estate investing.

The Kunang Kunang Tent Resort, nestled in a coveted location famed for its natural beauty, has become a point of interest for avant-garde investors seeking unique real estate market opportunities. By adopting a novel approach and employing blockchain technology, LABS Group has transformed the way people invest in real estate, offering fractional ownership through tokenization.

Early investors of the Kunang Kunang Tent Resort have been vital to supporting this revolutionary project from its genesis. In recognition of their contributions and to share in the success of the project, LABS Group is thrilled to distribute dividends to these esteemed community members. Despite the delay in the resort’s completion due to COVID restrictions, it was successfully finalized in April 2022 and has since earned recognition in East Java.

Gravity Resorts, the hotel management team, remained undeterred despite temporary flight suspensions from Bali to Banyuwangi due to reduced travel volume. They have achieved impressive ratings across major platforms like (9.6), Agoda (9.3), and Google Review (4.8/5). The resort managed an average occupancy rate of 68% in its first year and distributed dividends amounting to an approximate yield of 10%, demonstrating profitability despite a slow start.

“Our early investors have been instrumental in turning the vision of the Kunang Kunang Tent Resort into a reality,” said Bernard Lau, CEO of LABS Group. “We’re excited to reciprocate their trust and faith in our platform by distributing dividends that demonstrate the financial potential of blockchain-based real estate investments.”

LABS Group ardently believes in the potency of decentralized finance to open new investment avenues for individuals worldwide. By harnessing blockchain technology, the platform presents a secure and transparent investment ecosystem, enabling individuals to partake in real estate projects once limited to a select few.

This achievement not only commemorates the dividend distribution but also accentuates the trust and credibility that LABS Group has cultivated within the community. As the real estate market continues to evolve, LABS Group remains at the cutting edge, pioneering the confluence of blockchain and real estate to conceive innovative investment opportunities and catalyze positive transformations.

As a token of appreciation and a way of giving back to its community, LABS Group is launching the Owner’s Circle NFT collection, which can be purchased with the LABS native token to gain the ability to receive rewards from profits generated from resort operations managed by LABS Group. The majority of net profits generated from property operations will be distributed equally amongst the Owner’s Circle members with the BNB token.

The proceeds received from the sale of the Owner’s Circle collection will be used to set up the Owner’s Fund, which will be used to invest in Real Estate related businesses to increase the pool of rewards which will be distributed on a monthly or annual basis depending on the type of property. With Kunang-Kunang as the pilot project, the purchasers will be seeing immediate value with proof of performance and an ever-growing portfolio of Real Estate projects which will be parked under the Owner’s Circle collection.

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LABS Group is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that aspires to democratize access to worldwide real estate opportunities. It employs blockchain technology and fractional ownership to enable individuals to invest in iconic properties, offering both financial and experiential returns. With a mission to reshape the future of real estate investing, LABS Group offers a transparent, inclusive, and forward-thinking ecosystem for investors at all levels.

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