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Zircuit, a new zero-knowledge rollup backed by pioneering L2 research, today announced the launch of its public testnet. Zircuit is fully EVM compatible, supports existing Ethereum dApps and wallets and allows any dApp on Ethereum to deploy on Zircuit with minimal changes. To celebrate the launch, Zircuit will be hosting a multi-day event during Devconnect that begins on Monday, November 13th.

Over the last one and a half years, the Zircuit team has been pioneering various research initiatives such as rollup security tooling, rollup compression, and scaling cryptography. This work led to grants awarded by the Ethereum Foundation for Layer 2 (L2) research. Zircuit’s upcoming testnet synthesizes the team’s research advances and new technology to create an evolved L2 environment for developers. 

Harnessing these research advancements, Zircuit uses a hybrid approach that combines the latest zero-knowledge proofs with optimistic infrastructure. More efficient proof generation results in reduced fees and the development of new compression algorithms increases transaction speeds and saves users gas. This state-of-the-art integration allows developers to move popular dApps directly over to Zircuit without making costly changes. 

Zircuit provides the perfect place for developers to battle-test their dApps before launching on Ethereum mainnet. By having security at the sequencer level, Zircuit will block any malicious transactions while still allowing developers to see an attempt to hack. Transactions on Zircuit are cheap and setup on Zircuit takes minutes making it a quick, low-risk solution for developers who want to experiment.

The unique combination of rollup and ZK technology in Zircuit provides a streamlined experience for end users as well. Ethereum applications can seamlessly deploy onto Zircuit without learning a new programming language or framework which makes it so Zircuit can easily stay up to date when popular Ethereum applications have updates. This compatibility gives users the ability to enjoy the new features, speed, and cost benefits of these dApps without having to learn anything extra. 

“Our research on rollups led us to create an L2 scaling solution that is breaking new ground and paving the way for a new generation of rollups. It’s taking the existing technology further and easing use for both developers and dApp users,” said Dr. Jan Gorzny, Head of L2 Scaling at Zircuit. 

Zircuit invites developers and projects from across the web3 ecosystem to participate in its testnet. Projects will receive assistance and incentives such as onboarding, readiness support, and developer workshops. 

During Devconnect, Zircuit is hosting a 4-day event where attendees will have the chance to learn more about the testnet launch, engage with the Zircuit team, and mingle with fellow members of the web3 community. Tickets are available at

To learn more about Zircuit, visit or read the developer docs at

About Zircuit 

Zircuit is a fully EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup powering the limitless potential of web3. Backed by pioneering L2 research, the network’s unique hybrid architecture combines optimistic infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs to give developers the best of both worlds. With cutting-edge performance and security at the sequencer level, users can explore new frontiers with faster transactions, reduced fees, and complete peace of mind.

To learn more visit: and follow Zircuit on both Twitter/X and Discord.


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