, a popular news site full of information on cryptocurrency markets, NFT projects, and blockchain technology, has announced its pending acquisition by V3V Ventures. The deal is valued at $3 million and is reportedly the first step in further investment by V3V Ventures into the speculative markets of Asia and Southeast Asia.

Putting a Price on

Throughout Singapore and the larger Southeast Asian area, as well as the larger Asian market, is a popular site for news, information, and cutting-edge research about speculative markets, NFT projects, modern fintech trends, and innovations in virtual connectivity. Its influence is represented well by the platform provided by its Debank social media profile.

Debank, a Twitter-like social media site tailored to the needs and interests of speculative investors, allows its users to tie their crypto wallets to their profiles, and the site publicly displays users’ balances. On the site, boasts a profile with more than thirty thousand followers, and the total wallet value of those followers exceeds half a billion dollars. provides these followers with a news cycle featuring insights into the crypto space and breaking news about speculative markets. also reportedly owns the worldwide “Metaverse” trademark, which is valuable for any business looking to invest more in blockchain networks.

Strike While Eastern Markets Are Hot

Though Western investments once dominated the crypto space and speculative markets, recent trends have shifted toward markets in the Middle East, Asia, and Southeast Asia. This shift follows the NFT crash of 2023, which took place alongside a period of “market correction” surrounding cryptocurrencies, helped by dramatic reporting like Rolling Stone’s infamous “NFTs are dead” article. The latter half of 2023 witnessed a resurgence that has continued into 2024, fueled primarily by increasing interest from Eastern markets.

Blockchains are rebounding in a big way, especially in Asia. Capital infusions into Asia’s blockchain gaming market, which took place alongside Web3 projects such as the FinTech Festival Asia, have brought as much as $100 million of new investment to the area. This is in addition to increasing amounts of capital flowing out of China into off-shore investments in Southeast Asia.

All Part of a Big New Plan

“I am excited to see the company move forward on a stronger footing,” said Mr. Buzz, the CEO of, “As we continue to expand our news, research, and data offerings.”

Reportedly, the entire team is being kept on the project to continue to deliver high-quality content and develop the site. V3V Ventures intends to create new products and expand from Southeast Asia into the larger Asia market, and some of the team may be transferred to different V3V Ventures projects.

The acquisition of is a strategic move. V3V Ventures is acquiring not only a site full of information and news and the skilled team and infrastructure that make that site possible but also its reputation, thirty thousand social media followers, and extensive support base. is poised to serve as a launching point for a much larger, more extensive investment campaign in the region.