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Solciety, a prominent player in the PolitiFi meme coin sector, has successfully raised over $300,000 within the first 48 hours of its presale, which commenced at 14:00 UTC on 18th June. The presale is scheduled to run for 30 days, concluding on 18th July.

The presale success aligns with the heightened interest in PolitiFi tokens during this significant US election year. Solciety aims to capitalize on this trend, appealing to a broad audience with its unique “political party for degens” branding.

Solciety invites all interested parties to participate in discussions on its social channels.

A total of 3 billion out of the 10 billion Solciety tokens are available for purchase this month before the coin becomes available for public trading. The presale includes price increases every 72 hours by smart contract, offering early supporters an opportunity to purchase tokens at a lower rate. Stage 1 buyers can acquire tokens at $0.0015, with the price set to reach $0.0040 by the end of the presale, resulting in a 169% price increase for the earliest participants.

Solciety combines elements of SOL meme coins and PolitiFi, both of which have shown strong performance in the current crypto market.

Solciety (SLCTY) tokens are available for purchase on the Solciety website.

Overview of Solciety

Solciety positions itself as “the political party for degens,” bringing together meme enthusiasts and investors. The core of its strategy is the Meme Campaigner, which drives its viral success through politically-themed memes featuring characters such as Donald Pump, Badimir Putin, and Kim Wrong Un.

To incentivize content creation, 10% of the SLCTY token supply (one billion tokens) is allocated to reward prolific meme creators. This initiative aims to increase the project’s visibility across social media, leveraging the 2024 election cycle for further outreach.

Solciety has garnered attention from top crypto influencers, including ALTCOIN-BEAR, The PEPE ARMY, ShibArmy1000x, and BscGems1000x, who collectively have 835k followers.

On top of all this, Solciety has been fully audited by German veterans Solid Proof – the smart contract is watertight, meaning both new traders and seasoned degens can invest with complete peace of mind.

Solana memes and PolitiFi: Solciety’s PR strategy

Solana meme coins are a defining trend of 2024, with Solciety poised to benefit from SOL’s lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum. This has facilitated the rise of various projects within the meme coin space, namely dogwifhat and Bonk.

These two coins have become mainstays in the top 100 most capitalized coins as of the time this release was published. They’ve seemingly come out of nowhere, benefiting thousands of degens in the process. Dogwifhat rallied by an incredible 50,000% between December and March, with BONK also producing returns of 6,700% over a 12-month period.

PolitiFi is also home to many of 2024’s most notable rallies, with this new sector incorporating another market trend that could elevate Solciety’s standing. Coins relating to politicians are showing activity in sync with the election season, with the sector totaling over $1 billion in market capitalization; this figure has the potential to increase further as the election year progresses.

SLCTY tokens are currently available for $0.0015, with prices set to increase every 72 hours by smart contract. Early participation secures the lowest entry price.

Solciety (SLCTY) tokens are available to purchase on the Solciety website.

About Solciety

Solciety is the answer to the corrupt, dull, and economically inept politics of today. It aims to unite degens under the umbrella of memes and potential for gains. With its advanced meme-generating tech and SLCTY token, Solciety is here to harness election buzz and dominate the 2024 PolitiFi scene by offering degens a fun and potentially lucrative way of taking part in current affairs. 

For more information about Solciety (SLCTY), users can visit the website.

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