BlockTelegraph has long been committed to guiding individuals interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3. They offer actionable insights that help bridge the gap between technology and its transformative societal impact. Today, they announced several key features and milestones that elevate this commitment to unprecedented levels.

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

The team at BlockTelegraph extended their heartfelt gratitude to their community of readers, contributors, and partners. In August, they witnessed 1.5 million monthly visits and expressed deep thanks for the community support.

An Exclusive Forum for Experts

To amplify their contributions to the crypto and blockchain community, BlockTelegraph has unveiled an exclusive Leadership Network. Specifically tailored for experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital finance, membership in this network comes with unique benefits:

  • Priority access to their CMS for same-day article publishing.
  • Dedicated editorial support to help fine-tune content.
  • Priority invitations to exclusive events, including their prominent role in Consensus 2024.

This network aims to be an invaluable platform for industry leaders to establish authority and share knowledge with an engaged and informed audience.

A Podcast that Redefines Norms

For those who are enthusiastic about podcasts, BlockTelegraph has something truly special to offer: “CryptoCurrents with Tori Madison.” This is not your everyday podcast. Hosted by renowned blockchain researcher and writer Tori Madison, CryptoCurrents explores a vast array of topics where technology meets culture. From in-depth discussions on decentralized exchanges to philosophical musings on digital identity, this podcast aspires to engage, educate, and inspire its listeners, encouraging them to see the transformative potential of digital tools in a new light.

Consensus 2024

BlockTelegraph is set to be a major player at Consensus 2024, slated for May 30, 2024. Far more than just another event, Consensus 2024 is an experience designed to assemble the industry’s best minds for meaningful discussions. Whether you aim to network, learn, or contribute, Consensus 2024 is poised to be a high-impact platform.

The Road Ahead

BlockTelegraph believes that these new initiatives and milestones bring them closer to being the go-to destination for anyone engaged in the worlds of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and beyond. Seeing what happens next in the platform’s journey will be exciting.

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