In a buzzing ecosystem like Web Summit, the Grit Daily Sixth Annual Speaker’s and Media Dinner offers a serene yet invigorating retreat for the crème de la crème of startups, investors, and media personnel. Scheduled for November 14, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM WET, this multi-course dinner event serves as a sanctuary where great minds gather to share insights, converse, and forge meaningful connections.

Plus, it will extend beyond the dinner table, with Grit Daily and BlockTelegraph recently seeing an explosion in traffic, reaching 2.6M and 1.5M, respectively.

Star-Studded Guest Lineup

Attendees will be breaking bread with industry luminaries like Dr. Abdalla Kablan, a serial entrepreneur and fintech expert, along with Grit Daily Founder Jordan French and key figures from Hackernoon, Dataconomy, and more.

The elite gathering offers a unique opportunity to interact with 45-50 VIPs, a perfect blend of notable individuals and genuinely good people. Former guests include John Koetsier of Forbes, Alisa Cohn, and David Meltzer — individuals who are not just experts in their respective fields but also influencers of modern thought.

Partnerships and Support

Adding more weight to the event, this dinner enjoys the backing of various outlets, including Grit Daily sister sites such as Transit Tomorrow, Smartech Daily, Meditech Today, and our own Financial Tech Times. These partnerships amplify the event’s outreach and open doors for attendees, making the dinner not just a one-off networking event but a catalyst for ongoing collaborations and discussions.

Get Your Ticket Now

Priced at $299, the tickets are available on Eventbrite, providing a gateway to this elite gathering. For those attending the Web Summit, this dinner serves as an invaluable addition to their itinerary. Whether you’re a startup looking for investor insights, a seasoned entrepreneur, or someone who wants to keep a finger on the industry’s pulse, this dinner is a must-attend event.

The Larger Context of Web Summit

Hosting more than 70,000 attendees, Web Summit is a global phenomenon that unites policymakers, tech CEOs, and startup founders under one expansive roof. The conference aims to address an array of topics ranging from technology and data science to environmental sustainability.

Web Summit is an event that asks the question, “Where to next?” Providing networking opportunities and leading generation possibilities, the summit serves as a playground for innovation, disruption, and intellectual exchange.

With an agenda filled to the brim with enlightening talks, interactive masterclasses, and numerous networking opportunities, Web Summit is more than just a conference — it’s a festival celebrating the future of technology. And nestled within this extravaganza is Grit Daily’s Sixth Annual Speaker’s and Media Dinner, a sanctuary where real conversations happen and meaningful connections are made.

As the clock ticks closer to the event, the air is thick with anticipation. This year’s dinner promises to be a landmark event, shaping the dialogues and trends that will dominate the tech industry in the months to come. It’s an experience, one that could very well be the launchpad for the next big thing in tech.