At Financial Tech Times, our calling is crystal clear: enlighten, inform, and inspire. With a core focus on the ever-evolving sphere of financial technology, we’re unwavering in our commitment to advance innovation and redefine the contours of the financial landscape. Our vision is a future where financial operations are not just seamless but also profoundly optimized through cutting-edge fintech solutions. We are firm believers in the catalytic role of knowledge and strive to make fintech accessible and advantageous for all.

Level Up with Agency Subscriptions

For agencies dedicated to amplifying their clients’ brand visibility, Financial Tech Times offers specialized Agency Subscriptions. It’s much more than just a media coverage plan—it’s a holistic package tailored to supercharge your growth strategy. Benefits include:

  • A Rich Network: Leverage our industry connections to forge strategic partnerships.
  • Editorial Support: Our team is at your disposal for “Done For You” press releases.
  • Early-Bird Invites: Get the first seat at Grit Daily events, expanding your networking horizons.
  • Savings Galore: Benefit from steep discounts on our in-house podcast, Beyond the Bank, and offerings from our sister sites.

Interested in learning more about the opportunity to work with us in getting your clients the coverage they deserve? Check it out here.

Financial Tech Times Leadership Network

Financial Tech Times is also proud to announce the launch of the Financial Tech Times Leadership Network. Designed for the thinkers, the innovators, and the leaders in fintech—CEOs, founders, startup whizzes, and scaleup virtuosos—our Leadership Network offers a platform like no other. Members receive:

  • WordPress Backend Access: Enjoy priority, same-day publishing for your articles.
  • Personal Editor: A dedicated editor will assist you in fine-tuning your pieces.
  • Event Priority: Get priority invites to our exclusive events and those organized by our sister sites.

The FTT Leadership Network is the perfect opportunity for thought leaders to share their brilliance and establish their brand authority in the fintech domain.

Beyond the Bank with Mark Sephton

In an increasingly cashless society, understanding the intricacies of fintech, blockchain, and digital payments is paramount. Enter “Beyond the Bank,” a podcast hosted by Mark Sephton, the mentor to the entrepreneurial elite. Mark’s incisive dialogue with industry leaders illuminates the transformative tech that is redefining global finance.

With a portfolio of over 4,500 interviews, Sephton’s seasoned expertise is also echoed in Entrepreneur Magazine and his authored works—’Inside Job,’ ‘Plot Twist,’ and ‘Mark of a Man.’

A New Era at Grit Daily House SXSW 2024

We’re also thrilled to announce that Financial Tech Times will be part of Grit Daily House at SXSW in 2024. Prepare for an immersive, in-person experience, fusing innovative tech with groundbreaking financial solutions.

Partnerships with Chainwire and Financewire

Our synergistic partnerships with Chainwire and Financewire elevate our platform by driving content that is not just relevant but also deeply insightful, cementing our place as leaders in the fintech information landscape.

Get ready to journey into the future of finance with Financial Tech Times—the one-stop hub for all your fintech needs.