From Vancouver, BC, Canada, Nitsa Nakos is skillfully navigating her journey as a visionary entrepreneur, one whose life, values, and mission shape conscious leadership that resonates powerfully with soul-driven entrepreneurs.

Nakos’ story embodies a dynamic and purposeful life, with an entrepreneurial spirit that was ignited at the young age of 18 when she ventured into the restaurant industry. There, she achieved early success, but despite that, she felt a lingering sense of unfulfillment. This propelled her to seek a more meaningful path, which she found when a friend introduced her to a “meeting” that changed everything, catapulting Nakos into what she considers the best profession one can choose.

Nakos has since engaged in a 25-year full-time commitment to network marketing, a career that she credits for immeasurable personal and professional development.

For most people, becoming a million-dollar earner at 32 would be the pinnacle. However, for Nakos, true fulfillment lies in serving as a coach and guide to millions of families worldwide. Her mission centers on empowering individuals to lead lives they love and create the freedom they desire.

The Synergy Group brand, co-founded by Nakos, reflects her vision for positive change. Within this brand, “Synergy In Motion,” a non-profit initiative, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for underprivileged children and families globally. Her philosophy revolves around the concept of Synergy Group — where the power of many works together to create a better world, achieving miracles through collective effort.

Nakos’ extensive list of life and business accomplishments attests to her resilience and commitment to making a positive impact. A self-made millionaire in her early 30s, she weathered the storm of the 2008 crisis, losing everything only to rebuild her empire stronger. Today, Nakos stands as a top earner in the network marketing profession thanks to her strategic thinking and leadership prowess.

Moreover, Nakos’ humanitarian endeavors extend beyond financial success. She is an angel investor, supporting projects and initiatives that align with her commitment to raising consciousness and protecting the environment. Notably, during the currency collapse in Venezuela, she spearheaded a non-profit branch, raising hundreds of thousands for the country’s children.

The global footprint of Nakos’ philanthropy includes donations of money, clothes, food, and volunteer time to orphanages in Africa and supporting the building of new schools for underprivileged children, enabling their education in the emerging digital age. Her dedication to building financially free communities worldwide is backed by her mission to empower others to be, do, have, and give more.

Nakos’ influence extends to the stages where she has addressed thousands of people, sharing her insights and wisdom. Her role in helping co-found and pioneer her current network marketing company, in which she has created thousands of documented success stories over the last three years, solidifies her position as a thought leader and strategist.

Nitsa Nakos’ awakening represents a pivotal accomplishment in her lifetime. A formidable force in the conscious leadership sphere, she continues to encourage individuals to find their greatness within, embrace collaboration over competition, and recognize that success is an inside job.