Abu Dhabi, UAE, August 31st, 2023, Chainwire

Valicit, the blockchain ticketing platform operating on the Venom blockchain, has reported unprecedented demand for a flagship metaverse event. More than 230,000 tickets have been claimed on the Venom testnet for Numi metaverse’s Numi Stories game. The feat attests to the demand for metaverse gaming experiences while showcasing web3’s ability to deliver digital experiences.

Venom Blockchain Brings Ticketing Mania to Layer 0

As a layer-0 blockchain for hosting web3 applications, Venom was designed for the sort of use cases that Valicit is meeting: NFTs, digital ticketing, and web3 experiences. Venom operates as a Turing-complete Proof of Stake network that’s maintained by the Venom Foundation, but it’s not its architecture that’s gotten fans engaged in this instance. Rather, the FOMO surrounding the Numo Stories Club 404 Grand Opening is the cause.

Numi Stories is a mobile app in which cutesy anime-style characters embark on musical adventures. As they discover their rhythm, each character is drawn through a fantasy world in which sound and colors collide to dizzying effect. The Club 404 tickets being sold on Valicit Marketplace grant holders early access to multiplayer functionality within the Numi Stories game.

The reason why Numi decided to sell its tickets through Valicit is on account of the characteristics for which blockchain is renowned: the ability to provide a verifiable record of sales that can demonstrate transparency while preventing fraud. 

According to Numi CEO Victor Tumasov, “Numi was thrilled to be chosen as one of the first projects on Venom to be incorporated into the Valicit ticket platform. For us the ability to sell tickets to events in our metaverse is a very interesting possibility that gives us a lot of potential cool use cases. For the first event we have chosen our PvP mode where Venom users will be able to test their mettle against each other in an amazing dance off in our mobile game.”

Venom Starts to Bite

The multi-chain era has resulted in hundreds of L1, 2, 3 and 0 networks launching, each with their own architecture, characteristics, and use cases. Venom has positioned itself as being ideally suited to host web3 projects that wish to capture all of the inherent advantages of blockchain while maintaining the level of compliance mandated by the financial world.

While speed and low fees are integral to Venom’s design, focus has also been lavished on making the protocol attractive to enterprises, NGOs, and governments that might wish to build on it. Platforms such as Valicit, therefore, form an important testbed, demonstrating not only Venom’s capabilities, but showing what web3 can do to solve real-world problems.

Although Venom is currently on testnet, the Numi PvP battle that will be initiated is very real. The top 100 players will be awarded an exclusive NFT RadLad set. To enter the contest, players must visit Club 404 within Numi Stories after purchasing a ticket on Valicit. The battle ends on September 5 when the best players will be crowned.


Muhammad Junaid
[email protected]